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RPG Dice Roller

A dice roller for the iPhone. Speed up role-playing games (RPGs) and other boardgames by making dice rolls with a single press.

Roll a variety of standard dice, set up your own standard rolls for your character and set up custom rolls for special situations.

Stores a complete history of dice rolls.

Includes Fudge dice!

Baby Name Chooser image

Baby Name Chooser

Choose your new baby's name by putting your possible names through a competition.

Two names compete against other in either a knockout tournament or a league, leaving only one winner.

Coming soon

UK Tax Resource 2013

UK tax calculators, rates and allowances, and time limits.

Written by tax advisers for tax advisers.

Coming soon

UK Tax Treaties 2013

All of the UK's double tax treaties.

Written by tax advisers for tax advisres.